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    Integrated vacuum
    cross-punch press


Technology for mechanically punching various sizes and numbers of eyes into the longitudinal parts of tubes, catheters, stents and drains.


Shortens, punches and sucks


Our integrated vacuum cross-punch press is used for the fast and automatic mechanical punching of eyes in tubes and hoses, shortening them to the required length, according to the type of unique tool selected, with the option to connect to an automated line with other operations, such as printing, including a collaborative robot.

Mechanical eye punching is several times faster than drilling holes using thin-walled bits. Requires the minimum of maintenance and space.





The vacuum cross-punch press can be operated on a stainless-steel trolley, or separately on a desk. The materials and design are developed for production in clean rooms, particularly for making medical devices.

Interchangeable tools

For the machine itself we offer a wide range of flexible machining tools to suit the customer’s requirements. 


Technical parameters


Dimensions (excluding trolley): 45x43x29 cm
Weight: 29,2 Kg
Trolley dimensions: 80x50x70cm
weight: 69 Kg
Operating voltage: 230V
Compressed air: 6 -8 Bar

CE certificate


The product is supplied with a CE certificate, declaration of conformity.


Designed for use in a normal interior environment, with no condensing moisture.
Ambient temperature within the range 5° to 40°C.


Warranties, customer service

We provide the statutory standard warranties and, on top of that complete service including remote access for our equipment.
We strive to develop our machines and equipment on the principle of minimal maintenance, and hence minimal failure rate.

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